Instafeed FAQ

Instagram Account

1. How do I connect my Instagram account?
Go to the Instafeed app and click the button “Connect an Instagram Account”. Login using your Facebook or Instagram account and grant the required permissions. If you are connecting your Instagram account via Facebook, choose the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account you want to use to display your feed (from the dropdown menu).

2. How do I switch between Instagram accounts?
Go to Instagram in your desktop browser and logout, then login with the Instagram username you want to show in your feed. Then go to Instafeed and connect your Instagram Account again.

Pro Features

3. How do I tag products?
To tag products, go to the Instafeed configuration page. On "On Post Click" select "Open Popup / Show Product". Press "Save". After saving, click on a picture on your Instagram feed preview. Select "Tag Products" and choose the products you want to tag. Check this video for a step by step tutorial.

4. How can I choose the pictures from my Instagram I want to show?
With Instafeed Free you can only display your most recent Instagram posts (the number of posts you display will depend on your rows and columns configuration). Instafeed Plus allows you to display posts based on a list of specific hashtags. You can use hashtags on your Instagram posts to filter the posts you want to show on your store Instagram feed.

Setup / Styling

5. How can I increase or decrease the size of my pictures?
The simplest way is to increase or decrease the number of columns you want to show in your feed - Instafeed will adjust the post size based on the space that it needs to fill. Alternatively, you can also decrease or increase the width of the section where Instafeed is.

6. Can I add the feed to a different page instead of the homepage?
You can add the feed to any place you want in your store. Just go to the page where you want to add your feed, click on the code button code button and paste the following Instafeed code <div id="insta-feed"></div>.

7. How can I change the position of my feed?
The easiest way is to install Instafeed using your Theme Sections, check the complete instructions here.

8. How can I have the feed using the full width of my store?
The easiest way is to install Instafeed using your Code Editor, check the complete instructions here. If you have already installed Instafeed using your Theme Sections, you need to remove the section from you theme for changes to apply.

9. Do you offer a slider or "load more" option?
One of the most requested Instafeed features are sliders or "load more" option. While we try to implement most of the requested features from our customers we also try to help them make their stores a better place. So the short answer is: no, we don't offer them. Why? Customer research showed us they are not good for your store, customers and conversions. Read more about it here.

10. How can I manually add a title to my feed with a link to Instagram?
If you have a title in your Instafeed settings, remove it. Copy the code below and add it before Instafeed code:

<h2 style="text-align:center">
<a href="YOUR INSTAGRAM URL" target="_blank">Follow Us On Instagram</a>

If you need support drop us an email to [email protected].