Instafeed - Migration guide 

Instagram is deprecating their current API platform on March 2. For this reason, during February we'll be migrating all accounts to the new Instagram API. 

To migrate to the new API you need to:

1) Access the Instafeed app
2) Click the button "Connect an Instagram Account"
3) Login using your Facebook account
4) Choose the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account you want to use to display your feed (from the dropdown menu)
5) Save your feed

And that's all - the migration is complete after you are done with these steps. 

I don't have a Facebook account - How do I log in?
If you don't have a Facebook account go to Instafeed and click on "Change to Basic Mode". When on Basic Mode you'll be able to connect your Instagram directly. When using Basic Mode mode you won't have access to some features, we recommend using an Instagram Business Account (via Facebook login). 

What happens if I don't migrate to the new version of the Instagram API?
If you don't complete your migration to the new version of the Instagram API until March 2nd, your Instagram feed(s) will no longer be visible on your store. We recommend that you perform the migration as soon as possible to avoid this scenario. 

If you are having trouble migrating your account contact our customer support at [email protected].